04 Nov 2019

5 Way to Motor Your Indulgence

Life is full of surprises one minute you’re drowning in anxiety and the next second you’re soaring in achievements beyond imaginations. I too was in a situation where I nearly had a crazy rendezvous of experiencing death, not literally although in terms of how I am handling the difficulties and dealing with adulthood. How did I undertake these seemingly annoying times you ask? Well, a few realisations hit sit me like a surge of sand dunes when I inhaled my last will….and the biggest one made took me beyond the materialistic, it was “You are still you!!” Preach much? I understand…. allow me to dissect it in ease. Imagine you’re a car. Be it any car you want…. a Maruti, an Alto, AUDI?! Or even a grand SUV. What is one thing all these cars need? Yup, that’s right…. It’s FUEL! Without fuel or battery or charge none of the cars can be driven at all. You are exactly the same, a motor who needs fuel consistently to keep going. How do you do that? Follow below:


A car has its own brains too if you observe, it’s called POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE (PCM) aka Engine Control. This machine regulates various important functions and has direct impact on how well the car runs. Human brain is bang on similar. If the state of our brain is fit our world and the geography will be fitter. Example: we all have been through ups and downs of relationships with either our jobs or love life and a little problem in either of them cracks our disposition of making everything around us seem bad. Even our functioning turns mediocre as the thoughts manipulate the way we look at our surroundings. Don’t let it. Have steady control over your PCM, exercise it correctly and give it it’s natural space to express.


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What’s your steering wheel? For me it’s indulging in art. The soulful artistic pleasures give me increase my capacity to intake more learnings, be it anything from photography to writing, to playing sports of delivering. At the end of the day it all matters if you have given it you best. Seeking different extra curriculars just like the ones our institutions had made us more flexible and also helped in increasing the level of performance. Go out and look and join. They will definitely build your ability to have a more content journey on the road. Exactly like a car when the clutch, the break and the accelerator are running smoothly.


I’m going to leave it to you guys to think and utilize the point called “Simple pleasures of life”. Extract your power from these mini satisfiers of your life and charge yourself up. Basic pleasures of every individual differ, some like to hit the gym others prefer cooking, or even reading a book or digging into a choco pie and being in the company of like-minded people! So first think about what your SIMPLE PLEASURES is without putting much effort to it, because as we already know our lives are complicated because we make them so. Then remind yourself of when was the last you enjoyed these not so guilty activities or even thought of doing them. Revisit them, and understand that challenging roads are not always the answer. Easy paths can also be taken to reach the destination more joyfully.


Changing gears is considered one of the most crucial aspects of driving, similarly staying motivated constantly is very much necessary in our long existence. However, this motivation or inspiration does not have to come from outside every day. You are the source and the mouth. Your behavioural, technical and functional gifts empower your judgement as well you to do better. Why need power from outside when you have your own gears to alter courses whenever and however. Infinite personalities compartmentalize their own life and hence perceive others the same way. That’s not how it has to be though as long as you’re okay with the journey you’re on and the way you’re leading it (has to be legal though!).


I think if the input is 100%, the output will not be anything less than that, just remember not to deter from the path for small matters trivial enough to be forgotten by evenfall.

So be courageous to decide what output you want from yourself, and it may not be same at all points in time. There are takers for Sedan, SUV, Hatchback or super luxury…it’s you who need to make a decision of your offering!

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