17 Jul 2018

Goal setting – A pre-requisite to success?

While many of us think and believe in order to be successful identification of the goal and the purpose of it is sure to get you the desired results, many will disagree. More so because we all set out on different journeys, take different paths even though the destination might be the same. It really is difficult to justify or decide what suits one the best.

On a personal level, the one universal goal known is ‘weight-loss’.  Almost every day we come across someone who is on a weight-loss regime or on a professional level someone who aims to be a big business tycoon with a healthy bank account and has set a timeline to achieve the specified goal. The quest to seek satisfactory results is unquenchable. The ideal thing to do in such a case is using developmentally appropriate techniques that give you space to review your efforts and determine  what changes need to be made in the ongoing process. Mapping success becomes easy when divided into stages which usually begin with a one- six month test and the time frames are decided as per convenience or the deadlines one has to meet.

On the contrary, there exist people who do not find it necessary to plan things in advance and prefer flowing with the flow, welcoming all good and bad things that come along. Not only is this attitude believed to be enriching but also provides an opportunity to channelize energy and consideration into different aspects . Exploration, experimentation, manipulation and discovery coupled with an urge to investigate the world around, offer freedom of action and aid growth. This makes living and learning more meaningful while keeping abreast of a goal that is not time-bound.

Setting goals is like wearing blinkers that restrict our view of what is happening alongside,sometimes depriving us of an opportunity or a dream we had subconsciously thought or dreamt of but looked far-fetched at that point in time. The uncertainty of situations is unavoidable which makes it paramount to be flexible and comfortable with taking a route that was not thought of before. A twist of fate unequivocally is outstandingly bad or good but what makes it worth is the experience you had when you set out to achieve something with a vision and saw yourself in good light.

Goal-setting surely makes us well-rounded and balanced individuals and offers opportunities for mastery of one’s conscious self. Confined to our own timelines, it is a voluntary action that has elements of adventure to it. However, while deciding the goal, a holistic approach is a must.

That said, nothing is cast in stone and the odds are not decided or dictated by someone who doesn’t have a locus of control over things you choose to do. Hence, being impulsive yet respecting your own uniqueness and individuality refines judgement and paves way for further interest and concentration. Pre-set or not, personal or professional, goals chosen to be accomplished require conscious thought and the underlying reasons as to what intrigues you is essential for the survival of you and your dream.


Written by Richa Deokar

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