People respond to situations and circumstance differently, this distinct behavior and actions forms their personality. However, often people tend to have an overlapped understanding between Personality Development and Confidence Building. We at ‘NehaTalks’ take customized approach to enhance your personality suiting your needs.


This workshop/course will guide you to build the confidence to deal with different interactions, issues and personalities. You will learn to develop the fundamental communication and interpersonal skills required to be an effective contributing team member. Participants will gain an insight into their individual strengths, weaknesses and identify the critical areas of development necessary to set them on a path to a successful career.


People who want to develop an understanding about different personalities exhibited by other individuals and enhance their ability to build rapport, engage, influence and provide feedback.

  • Module 1: SWOT Analysis
  • Module 2: Goal Setting
  • Module 3: Communication Accuracy
  • Module 4: Communication & Leadership Styles
  • Module 5: Planning, Preparation & Delivery
  • Methodology: Case Studies, Practice Sessions, Worksheets, Group Dynamics