The key reason behind an organization’s success is the team associated with it. But what makes these teams perform cohesively to reach the goals together? The answer is clear understanding of the shared goals, organization’s vision, strategies, and task plans, along with the individual roles and responsibilities of team members. On a personal front of each team members are their interpersonal qualities of trust, effective communication, and mutual accountability.

Hence building team’s cohesiveness should be the conscious effort of organizations and their team leaders. Leaders and managers must be well prepared to understand the dynamics of team formation, their motivations, conflicts and performance triggers.


This workshop/course will guide you to:

Understand critical elements of successful team formation; manage conflict and develop shared vision/goal aiming towards high performance, along with realizing their own contributions in form of specialized skills.

Who should attend?

Team, be it a department, project, or an entire organization. Senior team leaders (e.g., the organizational director, project manager, or similar) must attend the workshop for effective results. HR teams are highly recommended to attend this workshop.

  • Module 1: Define Team and its characteristics
  • Module 2: Develop the vision together
  • Module 3: Principles and behaviors to guide team performance
  • Module 4: A plan for monitoring progress toward achieving their vision
  • Module 5: Characteristics of effective teams
  • Module 6:  Four stages of team development
  • Module 7: Individual differences and roles within the team
  • Module 8: Collaborative Communication
  • Module 9: Managing Conflict
  • Module 10: Workshop Take-Away
  • Methodology: Working Material, Role Plays, Interactive Exercises