To be aware of your strength and weakness is a virtue!

It helps you to execute any task on personal or professional front with efficiency, confidence and satisfaction. However realizing this as a virtue in today’s time is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Individuals who have higher self esteem, self actualization and acceptance are seen to be more positive, perform better at work and play! It requires continuous practice of focusing your mind to acknowledge and appreciate positives over negatives.

This course is designed to help individuals realize their worth, unique qualities, god gifted skills and acquired skills to make them confident and successful leaders.


This workshop/course will guide you to:

This course will provide a systematic approach towards understanding cognitive thinking behavior, triggers and pain points of individual’s overall personality. The module is filled with facilitator led exercises, presentations and role-plays.

Who should attend?

People who are tired of comparing themselves with others, who want to overcome negative thought process and those who wish to take a leap towards overcoming their fears and incapability of mind.

  • Module 1: Collecting Self Inventory
  • Module 2: Honest Acceptance Sessions
  • Module 3: Steps to Gain Higher Self Esteem
  • Module 4: Set SMART Goals
  • Module 5: Triggers behind negative thoughts
  • Module 6: Exercises
  • Methodology: Self Realization Sessions, Acceptance Therapy, Exercises,