About Our Founder

Determined to live a compassionate life, Neha Mishra started her own venture ‘Neha Talks’ into personal coaching, training and development.

Her diverse experience of working within leadership wings of organizations for 12 years opened a new world of exploration about how every action and their results are driven by the ‘human mind’.

This interesting behavioral pattern intrigued her to contribute to people’s personal growth by cultivating a desire in them to learn major life skills through customized individual and group trainings, practical working sessions, companionships.

Today she has been successfully training and coaching individuals and organizations to sustain their peak personal or professional performance with ease, grace and compassion.

She is passionate about facilitating transformative participant experiences where they feel accomplished, confident, and proud of their achievements; where they acknowledge their fears and are committed to overcome them by being compassionate towards self and surroundings.

Neha Mishra, Founder – Neha Talks